Conflicting injunctions

We want it practical but sophisticated, recycled but 100% hygienic, biosourced but waterproof, recyclable but aesthetic, or even simple but technological.


Probably never before has the packaging been subjected to so many contradictory injunctions. The metamorphosis that is imposed on him at a time of ecological emergency, pollution and the depletion of resources prompts him to return to basics, by thinking about the “right packaging” for each product in its conception, both design and technical. Such a paradigm shift does not happen overnight. So, to take a little height on the great transformations linked to the renewal of the experience from an ecological and economic as well as a human point of view, Texen took out its crystal ball: what could the packaging look like in 2050?

This platform does not give a ready-made answer but lists leads, sometimes very different, to better put them into perspective. From bulk to connected packaging, from the relationship to beauty disseminated by its modern icons to plastic recycling technologies, from the mix of materials of the future to the evolution of consumer behavior, the packaging of tomorrow is then shown in a new light, ready to resolve the apparent paradoxes that stand before it.

The teams

of Texen and Usbek & Rica